just a minute – 03.05.21

The account of Jesus cleansing the temple occurs in all four gospels.  The synoptic gospels all place it during Holy Week, however John places it much earlier in the ministry of Jesus.  Scholars disagree if John’s different placement was an intentional chronological change to stress that Jesus ministry was confronting the abuse of the believers and signaling that change was coming, or if this was actually a separate story. Regardless, it is a powerful story with much meaning to us over 2 thousand years later.  We will be focusing on this story from John’s perspective this Sunday which deals with the coming change, but there is so much more.  In all accounts it was a final straw for Jesus, his zeal for mercy and compassion could not help but be seen, it was time for a change.  So, between now and Sunday, think about what change God is calling for in our world, in your world?  What change does God desire to come out of this strange year we have experienced?

Published by rickanthony1993

Husband of Andrea, Father of five, pastor of Grace Fellowship Norman OK.

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