just a minute – 03.05.21

The account of Jesus cleansing the temple occurs in all four gospels.  The synoptic gospels all place it during Holy Week, however John places it much earlier in the ministry of Jesus.  Scholars disagree if John’s different placement was an intentional chronological change to stress that Jesus ministry was confronting the abuse of the believersContinue reading “just a minute – 03.05.21”

just a minute – 02.04.21

John 2:13-22 Holy Week is the week between Jesus entry into Jerusalem and Jesus Cruxificion/Resurrection.  A lot happens during that week, including a couple of nights that Jesus dismisses him self from the crowds for a much needed rest  at  the home of his dear friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. The events of that HolyContinue reading “just a minute – 02.04.21”

just a minute 03.03.21

Psalm 19 Psalm 19 is an amazing Psalm! It proclaimed God in his creation as well as his word and then it invites God in to teach and guide.  It has everything! It might be easier to grasp if you consider it in 3 different sections.  The first section is about verses 1-6, in which weContinue reading “just a minute 03.03.21”

just a minute 03.02.21

1 Corinthians 1:18-25 Paul is calling the church in Corinth to adopt a unique cultural and communal imagination that reconsiders the values that are too often seen as innate and immutable.  Pastor Adam Hearlson I love the way Eugene Petersen paraphrases the opening and closing of this passage. The Message that points to Christ onContinue reading “just a minute 03.02.21”

just a minute – 03.01.21

When the Hebrews received the Commandments, they had seen God’s works and God’s power, God had rescued and provided, and more.  In our time the 10 Commandments are used more often as a weapon instead of what they are, a gift from God to the community of his followers.  Many Christians demand that the commandments be hungContinue reading “just a minute – 03.01.21”

just a minute 02.26.21

Single Focus – Mark 8:31-38 Jesus was was singularly focused on his mission. While we often think that his mission was about the cross – his mission was actually about living, ‘My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.’ John 10:10b (MSG) From the beginning, Jesus preached life leading folks to a fullContinue reading “just a minute 02.26.21”

just a minute – 02.25.21

Psalm 22:23-31 Doctor Rolf Jacobson, in speaking about Psalm 22, says, ‘the sudden turn in Psalm 22 from the desperate cries for help in 22:1-21a and the words of thanksgiving and praise that comprise 22:21b-31 is both unexpected and confusing.’  The conclusion for those that have attempted to explain this oddness has been to sayContinue reading “just a minute – 02.25.21”

just a minute – 02.24.21

Forgotten People Remembered – Genesis 17:1-16 Wherever we find Abraham in scripture we are left with questions. We will not hit everything in this minute but here are a few things to have in your brain as you read. This passage is really not about Abraham receiving the promise, he has already heard it.  This passageContinue reading “just a minute – 02.24.21”

02.23.21 – Small Steps

We humans sometimes try to take on more than we are physically, mentally, or even spiritually able to handle.  That is sometimes my biggest obstacle in putting together sermons, I want to share everything that I have in my studies, however, doing so within less than thirty minutes, and before the listeners eyes glaze overContinue reading “02.23.21 – Small Steps”

Just a Minute 02.28.21

2nd Thoughts On Monday My Sunday afternoons and Mondays morning consist of critiquing myself – analyzing my sermon including horrible explanations, weird facial expressions, and everything. This morning, however, is different.  Don’t worry, I didn’t wake up patting myself on the back, and yes, I am aware that I need to start seeking fashion adviseContinue reading “Just a Minute 02.28.21”