Order, Words, & Voices

OrderSunday, June 20, 2021  #1 ONE Video #1 (4:28) Call to Worship     No Longer Slaves (Jonathan David Helser, Joel Case, rian Mark Johnson    & Melissa Helser) Live/OnLine Prayer                    Rick (In Person) (Slides) Music                     Rick (In Person) (Slides) This Is My Father’s World (Purdy, Sheppard , RiddleContinue reading “Order, Words, & Voices”

Order, Words, & Voices

Order Sunday, June 13, 2021 #1 ONE Video #1 (2:13) Call to Worship Child of God (Phil Wickham) Live/OnLine Prayer                    Rick (In Person) (Slides) Music                     Abbie (In Person) (Slides)     Tell Me The Story Of (Fanny Crosby and John Sweney)     Blessed Assurance (Fanny Crosby, Phoebe Knapp)Continue reading “Order, Words, & Voices”

Order, Words, & Voices

Sunday, June 6, 2021 Order #1 ONE Video #1 (5:28) Song – Good God Almighty (Crowder) Call to Worship Live/OnLine Prayer                Rick (In Person) Music                 Rick (In Person)     Heaven Came Down (Andy Harsant)    Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah (Johathan Hughes)    Nothing But The Blood (Plainfield) Reading      Continue reading “Order, Words, & Voices”

Order, Words, & Voices

Order Sunday, May 30, 2021 #1 ONE Video #1 (11:47) Song – Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Paul Simon, Steven Stanley) Call to Worship – Joyful (Dante Bowe) Song – I Will Trust (Keathly, Miller, Red Rocks Worship) Live/OnLine Reading Randy (Live/On Line) Prayer Rick (In Person) Music Abbie (In Person) He Walks With Me InContinue reading “Order, Words, & Voices”

Worship Order, Words, & Voices 05.16.21

Order Sunday, May 16, 2021 #1 ONE Video #1 (7:24) Song – Loves Changes Everything (Jake Espy) Call to Worship Song – Thank You Again (Billy McPherson & Dane Tate) Live/OnLine Reading                        Peyton (Live/On Line) Prayer                        Rick (In Person) Music                       Continue reading “Worship Order, Words, & Voices 05.16.21”

just a moment 04.20.21

Our passages for today are Psalm 23 & I John 3:16-24 Today we look at a Psalm and an epistle together to see and compare a very similar message.  Both of these messages portray a promise of peace and love.  In the old testament this message is told with a very internalized, almost emotions, manner. Continue reading “just a moment 04.20.21”

just a minute 04.13.21

Our passage for today is I John 3:1-13 I John was written 70-90 years after the ascension of Jesus.  This means that few of the readers of this letter were adults in the time Jesus walked the earth.  They probably came to know through 3rd or 4th party voices – those who originally heard aboutContinue reading “just a minute 04.13.21”

just a minute 04.12.21

Our passage for today is Acts 3 You may remember that for these weeks prior to Pentecost Sunday we will using Acts as our Monday passage rather than an old testament passage.  This week we see Peter’s first major sermon.  He is on the east side of the temple speaking particularly to a group ofContinue reading “just a minute 04.12.21”

just a minute 04.08.21

Thursdays we look at our gospel reading, which for today is John 20:19-31 This week we focus in on the disciples who are in hiding but once they were ready Jesus appears to them. Being ready is a big element of seeing and believing in Jesus.  Our choice is our choice long before we areContinue reading “just a minute 04.08.21”