just a moment 04.20.21

Our passages for today are Psalm 23 & I John 3:16-24 Today we look at a Psalm and an epistle together to see and compare a very similar message.  Both of these messages portray a promise of peace and love.  In the old testament this message is told with a very internalized, almost emotions, manner. Continue reading “just a moment 04.20.21”

just a minute 04.13.21

Our passage for today is I John 3:1-13 I John was written 70-90 years after the ascension of Jesus.  This means that few of the readers of this letter were adults in the time Jesus walked the earth.  They probably came to know through 3rd or 4th party voices – those who originally heard aboutContinue reading “just a minute 04.13.21”

just a minute 04.12.21

Our passage for today is Acts 3 You may remember that for these weeks prior to Pentecost Sunday we will using Acts as our Monday passage rather than an old testament passage.  This week we see Peter’s first major sermon.  He is on the east side of the temple speaking particularly to a group ofContinue reading “just a minute 04.12.21”

just a minute 04.08.21

Thursdays we look at our gospel reading, which for today is John 20:19-31 This week we focus in on the disciples who are in hiding but once they were ready Jesus appears to them. Being ready is a big element of seeing and believing in Jesus.  Our choice is our choice long before we areContinue reading “just a minute 04.08.21”

just a minute 04.07.21

Just a Minute – April 7, 2021 Today is Psalm Wednesday, our Psalm for today is Psalm 133. Psalm 133 is a Psalm of Ascent, it would have been sung as the people walked up to the temple for worship.  Although this is a very short Psalm, it contains three powerful themes: 1. A theme ofContinue reading “just a minute 04.07.21”

just a minute 04.06.21

Today’s passage is I John 1:1-2:2 I John is written to a community of believers who are being swayed away from Truth and, instead, to a false version of Christianity.  This false teaching is stressing that Jesus was not really a physical human, that Jesus only seemed to be human. The danger in the belief is,Continue reading “just a minute 04.06.21”

just a minute 04.05.21

Today’s passage is Acts 4:32-35 You will notice today, and in the coming weeks, that we will not have our usual Old Testament passage, but instead we will be spending some time in the book of Acts. From a chronological perspective this is strange.  If we were really following the timeline after easter we wouldContinue reading “just a minute 04.05.21”

just a minute 04.01.21

Thursday of Holy Week Today’s passage is John 13:1-35 Our passages today covering the words of Jesus at the Passover table with his disciples. John’s narrative of the disciples observing the passover with Jesus contains a unique perspective not found in the other gospels.  This passage begins with a heavy hearted, troubled, Jesus, and endsContinue reading “just a minute 04.01.21”

just a minute 03.30.21

Holy Week Tuesday, John 12:20-36 and 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 On this Tuesday of Holy Week we focus on understanding the ‘why’ of the cross, as in, ‘Why did there have to be a cross, a brutal and humiliating death, Why?!’ It is not a bad question, as we saw Sunday, even Jesus asked it?  ThisContinue reading “just a minute 03.30.21”

just a minute 03.29.21

Holy Week Today’s passage is John 12:1-11 6 days before passover, and just a day before Jesus entered Jerusalem, he was sitting at Mary, Martha, and Lazarus’ table with the hosts and guests, Mary brought out a valuable perfume and poured it on Jesus’ feet. While, in that time, it was not as unusual ofContinue reading “just a minute 03.29.21”