just a minute 04.07.21

Just a Minute – April 7, 2021

Today is Psalm Wednesday, our Psalm for today is Psalm 133.

Psalm 133 is a Psalm of Ascent, it would have been sung as the people walked up to the temple for worship.  Although this is a very short Psalm, it contains three powerful themes:

1. A theme of unity. The people are coming up to the temple together while recognizing the importance of this community.  This unity is based on one thing – their shared faith, their shared God.

2. A theme of abundance.  Oil is an important factor in worship, but also in survival as the oil is a valuable and essential element of cooking. And, for Christians, we see Mary anoint Jesus with valuable oil. The visual of oil in this Psalm is one of overflowing abundance, dripping off the priest’s beard.

3. A theme of provision.  Mt. Hermon was about 175 miles north of Jerusalem, to walk the distance would have been at least a week’s journey, however, the snow melt and dew (basically all water sources) poured water into the Jordan River which would then quickly distribute this life nourishing element to many of the desert landscapes to the south.  There was always enough and always the availability of water thanks to Mt. Hermon.

Have a great day, see you tomorrow.

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Husband of Andrea, Father of five, pastor of Grace Fellowship Norman OK.

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