just a minute 04.08.21

Thursdays we look at our gospel reading, which for today is John 20:19-31

This week we focus in on the disciples who are in hiding but once they were ready Jesus appears to them.

Being ready is a big element of seeing and believing in Jesus.  Our choice is our choice long before we are ever given the opportunity. As the disciples were justifiably hiding, not knowing their own fate with the outside world, Jesus appears among them. His first words to them are ‘Peace’. At this appearance they are convinced of what Mary has said, ‘Jesus is alive!’ However, one disciple, Thomas, is not with the group at that time and does not believe when they tell him about the appearance.  He needs proof. Later, when Thomas is with the group, Jesus appears to them again and again says ‘Peace’. 

As you read verses 25-31, try to change your filter of interpretation. Instead of looking at this exchange between Jesus and Thomas as a reprimand, look at it as a gentle moment which Jesus uses for Thomas’ preparation for what future followers will have to journey through. 

Have a great day, see you tomorrow.

Published by rickanthony1993

Husband of Andrea, Father of five, pastor of Grace Fellowship Norman OK.

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