Incarnate Response 09.05.21

OrderSunday, September 5, 2021 Opening Audio (10:15am)Spotify – Coffee Table Jazz #1 ONE Video #1 (?) Call to Worship I See You (J.J. Heller) Live/OnLine Prayer                            Rick Music 1                             Abbie         I Love To Tell The Story         Hankey & Fischer Story  Continue reading “Incarnate Response 09.05.21”

Your Party Invitation 08.22.21

Order Opening Audio (10:15am)Spotify – Calm Jazz #1 ONE Video #1 (4:12) Call to Worship Come to the Table  (Sidewalk Prophets, Glover, McDonald, Frey) Live/OnLine Prayer                       Rick Music 1                     Abbie         Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us     (Thrupp, William Bradbury) Story Continue reading “Your Party Invitation 08.22.21”

Order, Words, & Voices 08.08.21

Order Sunday, August 8, 2021 Opening Audio (10:15am) #1 ONE Video #1 (4:16) Call to Worship  I Choose to Worship  (Rend Collective) Live/OnLine Prayer Music Wherever He Leads I’ll Go (B. B. McKinney) Story  (No Slides except title) Music You’re Worthy Of My Praise (David Ruis) Message ‘Appointed to Tell’   Music All The WayContinue reading “Order, Words, & Voices 08.08.21”

Order, Words, & Voices 08.01.21

Order Sunday, August 1, 2021 Opening Audio (10:15am) Spotify – Calm Jazz #1 ONE Video #1 (4:15) Call to Worship  It’s Time To Worship (Chris McClarney | Mitch Wong | Jessie Early) Live/OnLine Prayer Rick Music Abbie He Walks With Me Daniel Towner | John Henry Sammis Story  (No Slides except title) Peyton & CricklinsContinue reading “Order, Words, & Voices 08.01.21”

Order, Words, & Voices 07.25.21

 Order Sunday, July 25, 2021 #1 ONE Video #1 (4:47) Call to Worship Made A Way (Jon Reddick) Live/OnLine Prayer                    Rick (In Person) (Slides) Music                     Abbie (In Person) (Slides)     Standing On The Promises    Russell Kelso Carter    I Will Sing Of My Redeemer    James McGranahan | PhilipContinue reading “Order, Words, & Voices 07.25.21”

Order, Words, & Voices

OrderSunday, July 18, 2021 Video #1 (3:35) Call to Worship Fix My Eyes (The Main Serenade, MARK ADDISON MASSAR, ANDREW WILSON MASSAR, PANBORLANG TOI)Live/OnLine Prayer                    Rick Music                     Abbie     Mighty To Save            Ben Fielding | Reuben Morgan    Change My Heart O God    Eddie Espinosa  Continue reading “Order, Words, & Voices”

Order, Words, & Voices

Order Sunday, July 11, 2021 Order #1 ONE Video #1 (5:13) Call to Worship           In the Garden (Matthew Foust)Live/OnLine Prayer/Speaker Introduction        Petty Music                     Kristen M      Holy Holy Holy            John Bacchus Dykes | Reginald Heber    Fairest Lord Jesus            Fallersleben | JosephContinue reading “Order, Words, & Voices”

Order, Words, & Voices

Order ​Sunday, July 04, 2021 #1 ONE Video #1 (4:57) Opening  – Holy Holy Here With Me (Housefires feat. Kirby Kaple) Live/OnLine Prayer                    Rick Music                     Abbie In The Garden (Charles Austin Miles) They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love (Peter Scholtes) That Story = My Story      Continue reading “Order, Words, & Voices”