just a minute 04.13.21

Our passage for today is I John 3:1-13 I John was written 70-90 years after the ascension of Jesus.  This means that few of the readers of this letter were adults in the time Jesus walked the earth.  They probably came to know through 3rd or 4th party voices – those who originally heard aboutContinue reading “just a minute 04.13.21”

just a minute 04.06.21

Today’s passage is I John 1:1-2:2 I John is written to a community of believers who are being swayed away from Truth and, instead, to a false version of Christianity.  This false teaching is stressing that Jesus was not really a physical human, that Jesus only seemed to be human. The danger in the belief is,Continue reading “just a minute 04.06.21”

just a minute 03.23.21

Great to be back with you. I had planned on continuing these last week as Andrea and I were out of town, however, technology and I had a bit of a disagreement and technology won.  Our passage today is Isaiah 50:4-10 This is a fairly simple passage with a powerful message in regard to Isaiah’sContinue reading “just a minute 03.23.21”

just a minute 03.02.21

1 Corinthians 1:18-25 Paul is calling the church in Corinth to adopt a unique cultural and communal imagination that reconsiders the values that are too often seen as innate and immutable.  Pastor Adam Hearlson I love the way Eugene Petersen paraphrases the opening and closing of this passage. The Message that points to Christ onContinue reading “just a minute 03.02.21”