just a minute 04.01.21

Thursday of Holy Week

Today’s passage is John 13:1-35

Our passages today covering the words of Jesus at the Passover table with his disciples.

John’s narrative of the disciples observing the passover with Jesus contains a unique perspective not found in the other gospels.  This passage begins with a heavy hearted, troubled, Jesus, and ends with a glorified Jesus.  While it is difficult to understand how those sitting at the table did not recognize the enormity of Jesus handing the dipped bread to Judas – it is very clear that the exit of Judas was enormous.  At that point we see Jesus give away his right to defense and to rescue from the agony ahead.  Even though we next see him in the garden asking God this could be avoided, it it definite that as he hands Judas the bread, he is sacrificing his own body.  At this moment Jesus proclaims that he has, at this point, been glorified, and that God has been glorified.

Also significant in John’s account is what he details before and after this passover observance. Before Jesus and his disciples sat at the table, Jesus ‘served’ them by washing their feet – a very physical metaphor for him being the sacrificial servant he will soon show himself to be on the cross.  Then, after the meal, and after Judas has exited, Jesus warns the disciples of their humanity.  He is warning them against becoming self centered and driven by personal agendas which lead to divisive disagreements – we see this happened almost immediately and then continue through their careers as apostles.

It is holy week, see you tomorrow.

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Husband of Andrea, Father of five, pastor of Grace Fellowship Norman OK.

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