just a moment 04.20.21

Our passages for today are Psalm 23 & I John 3:16-24

Today we look at a Psalm and an epistle together to see and compare a very similar message.  Both of these messages portray a promise of peace and love.  In the old testament this message is told with a very internalized, almost emotions, manner.  We feel good reading this famous Psalm. If we read the message of Love and Peace in the New Testament, especially from I John we see it more as responsibility and commandment.  The Psalm conveys God’s love for us, the epistle reminds of the Love that is to flow from our actions to others.  Both are about love but communicated with a very different tone.

By the end of both readings the message is the same, promises that:

  1. God is with us.
  2. We embody the love of God through our lives in community.
  3. The destination of our faith Journey is dwelling with God.

Enjoy these two similar messages that come from very different perspectives and very different situations.

Have a great day, see you Thursday.

Published by rickanthony1993

Husband of Andrea, Father of five, pastor of Grace Fellowship Norman OK.

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