Mark 1:9-15

Mark is a master of efficiency he tells this story in 143 words. Matthew uses 747 and Luke 1162 words to tell the same story. Mark, however,  can never be accused of compromising the truth.  Even with such few words, Mark manages to leave us with some profound questions – questions are always a gift because they send us on a search that may be a lifetime quest.

Let’s look at just one of these questions:

Why did Jesus need to be baptized?  The answer is in the impact. John’s baptism was one of correcting course, it was to give a new perspective. The people accepted this baptism because they needed a change so they could recognize Jesus. The people rose out of the water looking at life differently; Jesus rose from the baptism looking at water differently, he saw heaven, he received the presence of the Spirit, and he heard the voice of God – he had spent 30 years living from the perspective of humanity, now he saw it through the filter of holiness. The impact of Jesus’ baptism was to surround him in the presence of God. It was not to wash away a sin/sins, but to powerfully pursue his calling

Tomorrow’s Reading – Genesis 9:8-17 (Noah)

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