just a minute 02.19.21

Six times in God’s truth we see a covenant between God and Man.  While there were surely other agreements  – these six covenants are pivotal.

Covenants exist between nations or peoples, usually a dual responsibility type of agreement where both parties agree to do/not do something.  Covenants with God, however, are primarily, if not totally, one sided.  They are a promise to mankind, there is not a ‘condition of cooperation’ on the covenant allowing one side to walk away if the other fails to hold to their side of the agreement.  No, these covenants with God are set in stone, and in which the onus rest exclusively on God. 

After the ark, God makes this covenant to never again disrupt the work of mankind with such a destructive forces as water.  

As you read, allow your mind to ask questions such as….

  1. Why did God make this covenant after and not before the flood?
  2. Does God need a reminder of covenant?
  3. How do you process God’s insertion that this covenant is between him and ‘all flesh’?
  4. What pros/cons for you are seen in this covenant?

Passage for tomorrow: 1 Peter 3:18-22

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Husband of Andrea, Father of five, pastor of Grace Fellowship Norman OK.

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