just a minute 03.12.21

Sunday Preview Friday

Just a minute 03.12.21

Sunday Preview

I was probably 19 years old, home from college for the weekend, a Saturday morning, and still in bed.  This was before the aging process had taken the joy of sleeping very late away from me.  However this wonderful ‘stay in bed’ morning was interrupted by a loud voice from downstairs insisting that everyone look out the front windows.  This was a bit irritating.  It was Saturday morning and I was snug in my beg, but the voice did not give up so I rose up and went to the window.  I’ll admit now, it was worth it – as I looked out there, probably just 10-15 feet away was two humans, standing in a basket, floating in the air under a hot air balloon. I had never seen anything like it.  The two waved at me as if they had been waiting for me to get out of bed and then one pulled a lever raising them up away from my window.  Although my bed was still warm and waiting, I stood there at the window looking for more balloons and more never before seen sights.  Later I found out that Norman was hosting a Hot Air Balloon Festival bringing many balloon enthusiasts to the area as well as many to their bedroom windows.  The rest of the day I was looking up, I had seen what I had seen, and I knew there was always a possibility of another balloon just waiting for me to look up.

This Sunday our focus will be on looking up and seeing a sight we have not seen before, seeing hope and healing. We will be concentrating on the Numbers Numbers 21:4-9 and our gospel passage from John 3:14-21.  If you have a chance take another read of both of these

Have a great day, see you Sunday.

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Husband of Andrea, Father of five, pastor of Grace Fellowship Norman OK.

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