Just a Minute 02.28.21

2nd Thoughts On Monday

My Sunday afternoons and Mondays morning consist of critiquing myself – analyzing my sermon including horrible explanations, weird facial expressions, and everything. This morning, however, is different.  Don’t worry, I didn’t wake up patting myself on the back, and yes, I am aware that I need to start seeking fashion advise after Andrea has finished a cup of coffee. Today, instead of critique it has been epiphany – following the crucifixion, Jesus went to preach to the souls in prison! I cannot explain this sceanario and what it does to the evangelical concept of salvation, …however, I do understand that Jesus never gave up.  These that he was going to preach to were not lovable souls, and, even more so, they had not been loving people in the flesh. They were miserable and hopeless human beings.  These souls that belonged to the people of Noah’s day had a year and a half to consider Noah’s call to turn back to God, instead of listening though, they ridiculed Noah for building a boat.  They rejected God then…God’s persistent pursuit just made the people more hardened in their rejection.  Centuries in soul prison only served to harden their rejection of God, they were not going to listen.  Yet, Jesus went there, to give it another try, to give them another shot. I know this shouldn’t surprise me, after all we are talking about the God who bathed us in his love through he sacrifice of the son long before we had come anywhere near turning back to God. Still, it is a known truth that is nonetheless unknowable.

Published by rickanthony1993

Husband of Andrea, Father of five, pastor of Grace Fellowship Norman OK.

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