02.23.21 – Small Steps

We humans sometimes try to take on more than we are physically, mentally, or even spiritually able to handle.  That is sometimes my biggest obstacle in putting together sermons, I want to share everything that I have in my studies, however, doing so within less than thirty minutes, and before the listeners eyes glaze over is impossible.  God understands this human characteristic which is why he only gives us what we can handle, he only tells us what we are ready to know. The Bible can be overwhelming if we try to take everything in all at once, Romans might even be more overwhelming, even if we just narrow it in on one section it can keep us up at night.  Romans chapter 4 can do that to you, however, it actually is a warning of this very problem as it tells us the story of Abraham and faith.  

To lead Abraham on a complicated path in a very simple way, God gives 2 pieces of advise:

  1. Remember it is about God’s power not our power (sometimes we get stuck on our limitations).
  2. Keep your constant focus on God, not self, not others, just let God guide you in steps that are the size you are ready to handle.

Published by rickanthony1993

Husband of Andrea, Father of five, pastor of Grace Fellowship Norman OK.

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