just a minute – 02.24.21

Forgotten People Remembered – Genesis 17:1-16

Wherever we find Abraham in scripture we are left with questions. We will not hit everything in this minute but here are a few things to have in your brain as you read.

  1. This passage is really not about Abraham receiving the promise, he has already heard it.  This passage is about the promise, but the message is a reprimand to Abraham who seems to have forgotten that Sarah is a vital part of this promise. 
  2. This passage is about the other forgotten people as well. Woman, slaves, non blood line members of Abraham people and property.  It doesn’t give closure on the issue of the marginalized but we do see that they are noticed by God.
  3. This passage is a reminder about Ishmael who seems to be a priority for Abraham over Sarah. This is consistent with the culture of the area and time. Notice that Ishmael DOES receive the marker of ‘people.’
  4. Name changes: Abram can be interpreted as ‘Exalted Father’ while Abraham is ‘Father of Multitudes’; Sarai is ‘My Princess,’ and Sarah is ‘Princess.’

Don’t be overwhelmed.  Take baby steps!

Tomorrow – Psalm 22:23-31

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