just a minute 03.25.21

Philippians 2:5-11 Jennifer T. Kaalund,  Professor of Religious Studies at Iona College sets a perfect contextual foundation for us as we read the apostle Paul encouragement to the believers in Philippi, She says that believers, all through the new testament, are encouraged to be imitators of God, to be like Jesus.  To walk, love, andContinue reading “just a minute 03.25.21”

just a minute 03.24.21

Just a Minute – March 24, 2021 Today is Psalm Wednesday Our passage today is Psalm 118 Psalm 118 was probably originally a liturgy response as the people were approaching and entering the temple. The first three verses echo what we saw last week, “the Steadfast love of the lord endures forever’, then look atContinue reading “just a minute 03.24.21”

just a minute 03.23.21

Great to be back with you. I had planned on continuing these last week as Andrea and I were out of town, however, technology and I had a bit of a disagreement and technology won.  Our passage today is Isaiah 50:4-10 This is a fairly simple passage with a powerful message in regard to Isaiah’sContinue reading “just a minute 03.23.21”

just a minute 03.12.21

Sunday Preview Friday Just a minute 03.12.21 Sunday Preview I was probably 19 years old, home from college for the weekend, a Saturday morning, and still in bed.  This was before the aging process had taken the joy of sleeping very late away from me.  However this wonderful ‘stay in bed’ morning was interrupted byContinue reading “just a minute 03.12.21”

just a minute 03.11.21

John 3:14-21 If we assume the chronological order chosen by John, the author of the gospel of John, is relevant to our understanding, then, the chronological placement of today’s passage is a head scratcher.  The reason, not much has happened up to this point.  Jesus has been proclaimed and baptized by John the baptizer, heContinue reading “just a minute 03.11.21”

just a minute – 03.09.21

Ephesians 2:1-10 The first words of today’s passage provide our context for today, ‘Your were dead…’ Ephesians 2:1a It is pretty clear cut, we were dead, and now, we are not.   Pastor Adam Hearlson states that ‘Any consideration of grace requires, as a prerequisite, a reflection of death’ This is the catalyst for Paul’sContinue reading “just a minute – 03.09.21”

just a minute – 02.04.21

John 2:13-22 Holy Week is the week between Jesus entry into Jerusalem and Jesus Cruxificion/Resurrection.  A lot happens during that week, including a couple of nights that Jesus dismisses him self from the crowds for a much needed rest  at  the home of his dear friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. The events of that HolyContinue reading “just a minute – 02.04.21”

just a minute 03.03.21

Psalm 19 Psalm 19 is an amazing Psalm! It proclaimed God in his creation as well as his word and then it invites God in to teach and guide.  It has everything! It might be easier to grasp if you consider it in 3 different sections.  The first section is about verses 1-6, in which weContinue reading “just a minute 03.03.21”

just a minute 03.02.21

1 Corinthians 1:18-25 Paul is calling the church in Corinth to adopt a unique cultural and communal imagination that reconsiders the values that are too often seen as innate and immutable.  Pastor Adam Hearlson I love the way Eugene Petersen paraphrases the opening and closing of this passage. The Message that points to Christ onContinue reading “just a minute 03.02.21”

just a minute – 03.01.21

When the Hebrews received the Commandments, they had seen God’s works and God’s power, God had rescued and provided, and more.  In our time the 10 Commandments are used more often as a weapon instead of what they are, a gift from God to the community of his followers.  Many Christians demand that the commandments be hungContinue reading “just a minute – 03.01.21”